What to Expect at your child's First Class


expect a settling in period

While some children may jump in feet first and leave their inhibitions at the door, for many little dancers, the process of joining in is much slower.

Not only am I the teacher someone brand new that they’ve never met before, they are also in a new environment with lots of new faces.  Chances are your child will take a little while to settle in – sometimes it can even take up to 4 weeks to fully participate.  As a teacher, I have experienced this so often and it’s important to remember that this is a completely natural reaction and process.


don't be disappointed

Please don’t be upset or disappointed if your child does not jump straight into the action and show all their moves at their first class.  Even though your child may not be participating in the way you had hoped for their first class, they are busy observing and absorbing.  Some children take it all in at class and then like to wait until they are in the comfort of their own home before they show you their moves.   With a little persistence, before you know it, they will be joining in and anticipating each activity in the class!


what can i do to help?

On the day of your child’s first class, try to arrive approximately 5 minutes before the class to give them a chance to be introduced to me and to the other children in the class (please don't arrive too early as your child will arrive expecting to dance straight away).  I welcome parents to sit on the parachute at the beginning of class to help their child settle in.  Praise is key!  A well timed round of applause and a quick cuddle can do wonders for your child’s confidence and willingness to participate in the class.