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My daughter loves coming to dancing each week, She may only dance for half the session but I know she loves it when it’s all she talks about all week and seeing Nicki. All your dance teachers are fantastic. I couldn’t have picked a better place to bring her.

Mum of Roly Poly dancer – September, 2017

I love that my kids love the classes!!! Have recommended to so many people as the format, timing and option to attend casually is perfect for preschoolers! 

Mum of Roly Poly dancer – August, 2017

We love coming to the class every week! Miss Tika is an amazing teacher! Love how it develops a variety of skills.

Mum of Pitter Patter dancer – August, 2017

Thanks so much and I’m sure we’ll be back in future. We’ve been so happy with the casual style and yet dynamic and engaging program. It’s helped our kids with confidence, instruction following and coordination and they love Miss Tika!

Mum of Roly Poly and Giggly Wiggly dancers – August 2017

My favourite thing about Rhythm Factory is how accommodating you are. You all take pride in making this company successful and it shows. Being able to attend multiple sessions a week is a treat for my little girl. That being said, my daughter loves the Pom poms the most!

Mum of Roly Poly Dancer – August, 2017

I’d like to say a BIG thank you to the lovely Rhythm Factory staff.  My older daughter attended your classes for 18 months before starting school and always loved it.  Jemma started classes when she was 15 months old – she will be 4 this October. I have always been so impressed with all the staff I have dealt with – the office ladies as well.  I recommend Rhythm Factory to anyone looking for a dance class for their little ones.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you! Many thanks.

Mum of Giggly Wiggly student – May, 2016

My daughter loves the class. She can’t wait to go to the lesson and every time we pass the building, she shows and tells every one that this is the place she goes dancing. Thank you so much

 – April, 2014

Josh and I have enjoyed Leah’s classes. The pace ensures the child doesn’t get bored! The classes encompass a great range of dance styles. My son’s personal preference is hip hop…and he is quite creative in finding excuses to avoid the ballet! I like that the classes teach music, rhythm and creative use of imagination, rather than limiting the classes to learning dance steps only.Josh has also enjoyed the special environment of concert days too, dressing up as Batman to mark the occassion. Leah was very warm, friendly and engaging. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Mum of Giggly Wiggly dancer – November, 2013 

My favourite thing about Rhythm Factory classes is the joy I see on my daughter’s face during her classes, and the fabulous relationships she has formed with her caring teachers.

Dad of Giggly Wiggly dancer – September, 2017

The kids feel so comfortable with your fantastic teachers.. it’s fun, active, social and the kids come away with some great dance moves!

Mum of Roly Poly dancers – August, 2017

Mishka has always enjoyed the dance classes at Rhythm Factory and her learning has been great. You literally made me cry by your touching “Good Bye”song.  It has been an unforgettable experience for me, being a father of a child, watching her learn dance so far at Rhythm Factory.

Dad of Giggly Wiggly dancer – August, 2016

…I will also be highly recommending you and your program to anyone looking for a great activity for their child.  Again, Nicky, you are brilliant – the energy and enthusiasm you put into the classes each week is admirable.

Mum of Roly Poly dancer – May, 2015

My daughter has loved Rhythm Factory and has been going from the age of 2 to 6 years old.  It’s been such a special part of her childhood and it will always hold a happy memory for her to treasure.

Mum of Giggly Wiggly dancer – December, 2014

Miss Karen gave Jade such a lovely warm welcome that made jade feel right at home with the new group in the new location.  Miss Karen was as fantastic as usual, Jade had an absolute ball.

– November 2013

I just want you to know Mia loves her classes and wakes up every morning hoping its dancing today. Your teachers are always lovely and full of energy and smiles . I am very impressed.

– November 2013

The program must be designed by someone very clever and creative. I think that is wonderful. You guys are doing a fabulous job: keep doing exactly what you are doing. It is wonderful!

 – September, 2012

The teacher is beautiful. Myself and my friend had tears in our eyes. It was amazing to see the girls really enjoying themselves! It really made our girls happy!

 – October, 2012

I just wanted to say that Tika has taught my daughter since she started, she is a wonderful teacher. Keep the class in order whilst still being nurturing and fun! Thank you, I do think it’s a wonderful program and allows the children to dance and have fun without all the tutus and fake eyelashes!!

Mum of Pitter Patter dancer – November, 2017