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FUNKY MONKEYS: 8-10 years old

FUNKY MONKEYS: 8-10 years old

Class Overview:

A place where friendships are fostered and the freedom of dance is embraced.

More challenging steps and co-ordination are introduced, with students learning technical dance technique and terms, whilst exploring their own style and creativity.

With this group we continue to incorporate Jazz, Hip Hop and Cheerleading.

50 minutes duration.

What we learn:

1. Musicality

Establishing a connection with the music is a strong quality in a dancer.  Students are encouraged to listen to the tempo of the music, the beat and rhythm.  We explore timing in our exercises, ensuring we hear and use the music in our steps and expression, to truly tell our stories.

2. The Genre Challenge

Hip Hop, Jazz and Cheerleading are the main foundation of work in our classes and each genre is very different. How we transition from one step to another or the expression we use varies for each style. Students may learn that they are stronger in one genre than another, and we encourage them to practice and grow at their own pace.

3. Left versus Right

Depending on whether we are right handed or left handed, we tend to lead with our dominant side. In Funky Monkeys, we practice work on both sides.  This is often a challenge for our weaker side but it does become easier.

4. Team Work

From our Team Skill to our choreographed dances, students are encouraged to work as a team.  Dances are broken up into smaller groups and then brought back into the larger group, with cannon work continued. This ensures that we are all using the same timing and that we co-ordinate our heads, arms and feet to the beat.

5. Co-ordination

Some students have natural co-ordination and others need to invest time in learning it.  Our classes foster and encourage students to pick things up in their own time, in a supportive environment.

6. Encouragement

This is about giving everything a go!  Having that ‘can do’ attitude, not just from the teacher but students actually encouraging those around them too.

7. Presentation

Once the steps are mastered we start to work on presenting the work.  This is about faces, posture, eye contact and feet all working together, so that when we perform, students have an exciting and co-ordinated routine which delivers everything that they have been taught. 

8. Impromptu

Students listen to a random piece of music without dancing.  Closing their eyes, they focus on the beat, rhythm, tempo and how they might express it in movement.  The second time the music is played, the students dance and express themselves like no one is watching. 

9. Memory Recall

Memory recall is intrinsic in this group, with very little required from the teacher to get the students started.  Often the music is played for the first 4 counts and students will know exactly where to start, which foot is up and where their arms should be.  This is usually followed closely but ‘oh I love this one’! 

10. Stage Performance / Confidence

Students are challenged to apply all the techniques they have learned, to perform their best in concert week.  They are encouraged to always be themselves and show their favourite moves, building on their confidence to a higher level.



    St Augustine’s Church – Room 1, 90 – 92 Como Parade West, Mentone





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