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BOOGIE BUGS: 5-7 years old

BOOGIE BUGS: 5-7 years old

Class Overview:

In a relaxed and encouraging environment, students take their technique to the next level, learning technical dance terms within Jazz, Hip Hop and Cheerleading, whilst exploring their own style and creativity.

Memory recall and personal expression become very important.  A jam packed program for those looking for a solid foundation for the future.

50 minutes duration.

What we learn:

1. Balance and Posture

Students are now challenged to hold their posture throughout their exercises. Combined with long backs and necks, students are taught to lower their shoulders, further adding to their technique. Posture is used to assist with difficult moves such as pirouettes, chenee’ turns and leg extensions.

2. Feet Placement

Students are encouraged to use correct feet placement, such as parallel or turned out positions. The preparation position used at the beginning of our stepping exercise is also taught, so that dancers work on which leg they will be commencing exercises with.

3. Directional Change

Particularly in our stepping exercise, students are encouraged to learn from both right and left directions. This requires them to understand where their bodies are and which foot and arm needs to be used.

4. Group Work

Students learn choreographed pieces that require them to work as a group. Timing can be broken up within the exercise and students learn their own timing within the group, particularly in formats such as Cannon and Cheerleading.

5. Co-ordination

As the steps become more challenging, so do the arms that are used with them. Co-ordination is strengthened and head movements are introduced, so that students use their entire body to perform their work.

6. Encouragement

This is about giving everything a go! Having that ‘can do’ attitude, not just from the teacher but students actually encouraging those around them too.

7. Tidy Execution

Students are challenged to try and apply all aspects of technique to each step. There is often more than one thing to think about at one time, so it is a gradual process throughout the term, strengthening the muscle memory.

8. Solo Work

Students are encouraged throughout the term to sing and dance on their own. Students will perform an individual, longer dance sequence on concert day and also an improvised solo which suits the music and has a definite finish, such as a pose. Students will be challenged to apply their facial expressions and technique to their solo.

9. Memory Recall

Memory recall becomes increasingly important in this age group. Students are asked to perform the team skill and identify it by name, and will learn to perform a significant amount of the term work unassisted at the concert.

10. Stage Performance/Confidence

In a supportive environment, students will be challenged to apply all the techniques they have learned throughout the term on concert day. As always, they will be encouraged and celebrated for being themselves and trying their best.



    St Augustine’s Church – Room 1, 90 – 92 Como Parade West, Mentone






If you have tried these steps and you are still having difficulty, please let us know.

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