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Have a look at our page dedicated to what to expect at your first class with us.

What to expect at your 1st class


Is there a uniform?

We love when our students show their ‘ínnate sense of style’ and encourage them to wear whatever takes their fancy on the day and express themselves!

Does Rhythm Factory follow the school terms?

No, Rhythm Factory is not a term-based program. Our classes run every week of the year including school holidays, except for a 3-4 week break over Christmas. We are closed on public holidays.

Do boys do your classes?

Absolutely! Rhythm Factory class content is aimed at both boys and girls.

I have another child, can I bring them with me?

Siblings are very welcome to be present and watch, providing they are occupied at the side of the room. We also encourage parents and carers with young babies who require feeding to come along.

I have 2 children and I want them to attend the same class together, however their ages don’t fit into the one age bracket. Which class can they attend together?

Our age groups are a guide as to the level of ability required to enjoy the class, participating fully. We therefore require that your children only attend classes specific for their age group.

Are there any performances? How much extra are they and what costumes are required?

Yes, we hold performances at our ‘Family & Friends Day’ events, held at normal class times throughout the year. This is an opportunity for our students to show other family members and friends what they have been learning. There is no extra cost involved with the performance and no specific costume is required. Our concerts are lots of fun and very informal to minimize the stress of performing.

How many students do you allow per class?

We have no class size limit. We do however monitor class size and teacher ability, and endeavour to open additional classes to cater for popular venues with high attendance.

What age can I join my child up to Rhythm Factory?

We welcome all children who can walk confidently on their feet from 18 months old.



So, this sounds like fun! How do I join up?

You can attend Rhythm Factory classes via two ways – enrolling in Unlimited Dance Time or via Casual Attendance. Unlimited Dance Time is our standard attendance option for all students. For an ongoing weekly fee, it allows students to attend as many Rhythm Factory classes as they like every week, at any of our venues. Please note that students must only attend classes appropriate to their age. For those students who would prefer not to commit to an ongoing enrolment, Casual Attendance is available for every class. Again, classes must be age appropriate.

How do I let you know that I’m attending a class? Do I need to book in?

Once you have joined Rhythm Factory’s Unlimited Dance Time, there is no need to book into a class. Simply refer to our timetable, choose an age appropriate class and turn up! You can attend as many classes every week as you like, at any of our venues! If you are a Casual student, simply refer to our Timetable, choose an age appropriate class and turn up. Please see below for our Casual payment requirements.

What is a Home Class?

When enrolling in Rhythm Factory’s ‘Unlimited Dance Time’, we require nomination of a Home Class. A Home Class is the one class you intend to attend regularly every week. As children highly benefit from routine, we recommend that you maintain the Home Class as part of your weekly schedule as much as possible. You may change your Home Class at any time by contacting us.

What if my Home Class is cancelled one week?

If Rhythm Factory is required to cancel your Home Class unexpectedly one week (for example due to staff sickness), we will notify you via text message. We will also endeavour to extend the duration of the class over the following weeks, to make up for the lost time. However, if we are unable to do this for your Home Class, you are entitled to a credit of $10 against your next auto payment and this will be automatically applied.

What happens if I want to change my Home Class?

You may change your Home Class at any time by contacting us.

My child has grown outside of their Home Class age bracket and needs to move up to the next class. How do I do this?

You may change your Home Class at any time by contacting us.

What if I miss a Home Class?

If you miss a Home Class any week, nevermind, just turn up the next week or choose an alternative (age appropriate) class to attend at any one of our venues or alternative days. For periods of extended absence through illness or holiday, please contact our office.

How will I know if a Rhythm Factory class is cancelled one week?

We do everything we can to run our classes consistently every week, however unfortunately there may be occasions where (i.e. due to staff illness) we need to unexpectedly cancel a class. If this is your nominated Home Class, you will be notified via text message. If it is not your Home Class however you have attended this specific class regularly, we will also endeavour to contact you via text message. For all other classes, the Timetable on our website will be regularly updated to notify you of any changes.



What payment methods do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is Visa, Mastercard or Direct Debit from your bank account of choice. We do not charge any merchant or processing fees. Cash (exact amount) is accepted for Casual visits only. No change will be issued.

Do you accept Diners or AMEX?

No, unfortunately at this time we only accept Visa or Mastercard.

How much do I pay for registration and insurance?

Nothing. At Rhythm Factory, there are no hidden costs or extra costs. All you pay is the dance class fee.

What if we go away on holidays and we have signed up for direct debit?

If you are going away for a long period of time you may prefer to cancel your monthly payments with us and sign up again when you return. We require 4 weeks notice, according to our Terms & Conditions. We always want to help so best to call us and see what arrangements we can put in place – we have standard terms and conditions but always strive to help out where we can. 

We always want to help, so best to call us and see what arrangements we can put in place – we have standard terms and conditions but always strive to help out where we can.