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Our Story

15 years of dancing!

The Beginning….

Rhythm Factory was started over 15 years ago by our founder Brony Meredith. Brony dreamed of creating a fun and happy environment for children to discover dance and since 2002 thousands of children and their parents have shared many special moments dancing with us. After a long battle with Breast Cancer, we sadly lost our beautiful Brony in 2008 and continue to dance each day in her memory.



We’d like you to meet our Director Nicky!

“Hi I’m Miss Nicky,

Like you I fell in love with Rhythm Factory as a parent.  My then 2 year old was bopping around at home and I couldn’t find a place that allowed her to move to music and learn some steps at the same time. I happened to be driving the kids around one afternoon (we were then in Sydney) and spotted a Rhythm Factory sign outside a venue.  I called and my daughters dancing journey began.  Within 6 months I was teaching for Rhythm Factory and did so in Sydney for 2 years before we moved to Melbourne.

Because of this move I needed to look for work again.  So instead of going into an office job I decided to take a leap of faith and start Rhythm Factory in Melbourne with the blessing of the founder, the beautiful Brony.

Ten years later we are still growing  It has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Meeting the families and teaching the children has been such a privilege.  I have always said the kids are my tonic, they make me laugh and fill my heart with joy as I watch their dance journey begin.

My daughter is now 16 and lives and breathes dancing.  Even if she never becomes a ‘dancer’ what started out all those years ago for her has been a passion. Taking her to my classes with me as a toddler is a time I’ll never forget.

Rhythm Factory has been more to me than just a job, it has allowed me to be a mum and a teacher and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to have my cake and eat it too!


Team effort….

Rhythm Factory today attracts teachers from broad backgrounds and all share a common trait in their love of children and dance. Many of our teachers grew up learning dance in a traditional ‘strict’ dance school setting and are determined to bring a more joyful experience to the kids they teach. Our teachers are passionate about helping to bring the joy of performing arts to the next generation and sharing the moment with each childs parent.

Our overall program is a true collaborative effort. The Rhythm Factory experience is the sum of all the individuals within the company and their unique contribution to the program and their energy in wanting to deliver the best. All our staff are actively developing new skills and striving to be the best teacher they can be in each and every class.