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Our Philosophy

what makes rhythm factory different

Our Philosophy

Have More Fun!

Let’s allow kids to let their hair down and have some fun. Let’s embrace their spirit and let them enjoy the feeling of dance and music.

Share the Moment and Clap!

We want families to enjoy class time too. We are all so time poor, so make our class a time when you can celebrate your child and their achievements. Show them that they are amazing – we love clapping and cuddles between activities in our classes….these are the truly special moments.

Colour Your Life!

Children are aware of the energy that colour brings to them. Our classes are a rainbow of colour and movement, with the kids using colourful props throughout the lesson. Our props allow the kids to focus more easily and explore their space in a different way. We’ve never met a child that doesn’t like rainbows!

Be Yourself!

Let children be comfortable and confident in their skin .The kids can wear what they want and express themselves through music and movement in our classes. Our program has many elements that are not choreographed where kids can explore and be themselves. Ignite their imagination in every class.

It’s more fun with friends!

Make new friends everyday. Children benefit greatly through social interaction and working together at a task. Whilst we give every child special attention, we really focus on the group dynamic – the idea that as a group we can all help each other, work together and create something special.

Move It!

Physical exercise helps kids be happy. Our classes are like a mini workout for little bodies and they will feel healthy for it. Let’s teach our kids that exercise can be fun!