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Meet our Team

MISS NICKY - Rhythm Factory Owner / Director & Teacher
"Hi, I’m Miss Nicky, My dancing journey started when I was 4.  I did ballet until I was 13 but then I discovered Modern Jazz. Oh how my life changed! I fell in love with it!  By 16 I was teaching for my then teacher and by 18 I started my own dance school in New Zealand. I moved to Australia in my mid 20’s and started my family which put my dancing life on hold.  After 3 babies and thanks to my daughter, then 2 years old, who would hear music and start moving (sound familiar?) I discovered Rhythm Factory. I have been teaching for Rhythm Factory for 14 years.  It has been a pleasure and a joy. Best job in the world!"
MISS KAREN - Teacher /Head Office
"Hi, I'm Miss Karen!  I have been with Rhythm Factory for 8 wonderful years and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of gorgeous groovy dancers and meeting amazing and wonderful families throughout my time here.   Prior to my teaching days, I grew up doing Dance and Calisthenics.  How I loved to practice in the back yard for hours on end!  That hard work led me to represent Victoria at the National Championships on several occasions.  As a young adult, all that training served me well as I worked for the Disney company for years travelling all around Australia and Asia performing in many many shows and even dancing on television quite often.  After all those years of dance training, it feels so rewarding to be able to give back, and spread my knowledge.  And the best part of all is being part of the Rhythm Factory family!"
"Hi, I'm Miss Tika! I’ve been a teacher with Rhythm Factory for a so many years now and I still find myself having as much fun with the kids as I did on day one. There is never a dull moment when working at Rhythm Factory! I’ve got a Bachelor of the Arts in Music Theatre and have also been a dance teacher/choreographer for several dance schools and shows. As well as being a teacher for Rhythm Factory I also take up my time with being a professional singer. I currently sing at weddings and corporate events and am also in the middle of writing an EP with a small label who signed me in 2016. My passion has always been in performing, whether I’m singing dancing, acting or playing the piano. Another passion is sharing this knowledge to all bright and enthusiastic little minds that I come across. To witness when their eyes light up when they master a new step or watch them bust a move their favourite song reminds me why I have the best job in the world!"
MISS LAURA - Teacher
"Hi, I’m Miss Laura! I am your Colombian dance teacher! I joined the Rhythm Factory Family as a Teacher in 2015 because I absolutely love sharing my passion for dancing with everyone. I dance Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin Ballroom, Street Latin and Cheerleading, my life is surrounded by the immense love I have for this art. I feel happy and blessed by the opportunity of teaching dance with Rhythm Factory from a healthy and fun way, in a safe space for kids, parents and teachers. I have taught as a teacher for kids and adults for 3 years while studying full time dance receiving 2 international student scholarships to continue my dance education in Australia. I hope to see you in my classes soon, I promise there’s lots of fun and some stickers and stamps!!!"
LEAH - Head Office
"Hi, I’m Leah! I joined the Rhythm Factory Family as a Teacher in Melbourne in 2012 after deciding to change careers and do what I love most – Dancing!! I studied a wide range of dance genres through high school including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and even Latin Ballroom to name a few and have a deep passion for teaching dance to children. I’ve been so blessed and lucky to be a part of the RF Family for going on 6 years now! I taught as a teacher with Rhythm Factory until the end of 2014 before stepping into my role behind the scenes in the Rhythm Factory Head Office while pregnant with my youngest daughter (who is now 2.5yrs old!) and moving to Wagga (with my husband a serving member of the Army). I now continue to work as part of our Head Office Team remotely from Darwin and I love hearing about all things Melbourne when I talk to all our lovely families on the phone! Every day I miss teaching our little Rhythm Factory dancers and can’t wait for the day I get to put my dancing shoes back on! Who knows, maybe we’ll open up here!"