31/10/16, mum of Super Shakers student, aged 4 years and 10 months

 ”She has really enjoyed the classes (she has been going since she was 2.5yrs) so thankyou for providing such a fun class for her to learn and meet lots of lovely friends. Thanks again”

19/10/16, mum of Edison, Roly Polys Beaumaris

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Rhythm Factory program. Edison has made wonderful progress and Miss Martika is a brilliant teacher. I am most impressed with her incredible ability to maintain such a positive, warm, enthusiastic and encouraging manner towards all the children – it can’t be easy, but she weaves pure magic with the little ones. I feel it is her patience, improvisational skills and kindness that has helped Edison to improve his listening skills, ability to follow instruction, develop his ability to cooperate with others, improve his movement and coordination, and gain the confidence to simply “have a go”. I am very grateful to her for this. Thank you for providing such a wonderful program.”

6/07/16, mum of Roly Poly student, aged 3

“Just wanted to thank you, the Mosman classes are fantastic, full of energy and lots of fun. We’ve been through quite a lot of different programs and Rhythm Factory is the very best, I guess brilliant Miss Analiesa is a huge part of it. Hopefully we’ll be back one day.”

18/07/16, dad of Giggly Wiggly student

“Mishka has always enjoyed the dance classes at Rhythm Factory and her learning has been great. You literally made me cry by your touching “Good Bye”song.  It has been an unforgettable experience for me, being a father of a child, watching her learn dance so far at Rhythm Factory.”

26/05/16, mum of Giggly Wiggly student, aged 4

“Elliot loved his dance class.  Miss Bonita was an excellent teacher and made him feel very comfortable as the only boy amongst a group of girls.  He has now expressed an interest in trying out soccer and this conflicts with the dance class.  His wish was to stop dance for a while and try the other sport, however he said how much he will miss dance class. Thanks Bonita!”

19/05/16, mum of Giggly Wiggly student

“Our experience at Rhythm Factory has been a positive one.  Miss Mims is a caring, patient and positive teacher.  Nikita loves her however Nikita has asked to join in story time at the library.  We cannot make any other times as I work the rest of the week.  The program was fun with some technical skills embedded which is what I was looking for.  I would, and have, recommended Rhythm Factory to other parents as I believe the program is a non competitive environment where little ones can enjoy dance, movement, singing and drama for enjoyment.  Thank you again, you never know, we may be back!”

16/05/16, mum of Roly Poly student

“Campbell has loved every minute of his classes with Miss Mims.  Her calm, engaging and patient personality has been an absolute delight and the highlight of the week.  Miss Mims has a really fabulous way of engaging children who would otherwise disconnect and I have seen a marked improvement in Campbell’s musicality, dance ability and concentration.  I am returning to full time work and Campbell’s care arrangements are now changing so he won’t be able to continue with his lessons.  This saddens me for so many reasons.  Please pass on my considerable thanks to Miss Mims for her effort with Campbell.  She is well loved by all of our family”.

10/05/16, mum of Giggly Wiggly student, aged 3

“I’d like to say a BIG thank you to the lovely Rhythm Factory staff.  My elder daughter attended your classes for 18 months before starting school and always loved it.  Jemma started classes when she was 15 months old – she will be 4 this October and I think her time has simply run its course.  She has expressed interest in trying new things so I feel it best to end her dance career (!) and try her on something different before she starts school.  I have always been so impressed with all the staff I have dealt with – the office ladies as well.  I recommend Rhythm Factory to anyone looking for a dance class for their little ones.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you! Many thanks”. 

13/04/16, mum of Pitter Patter student, aged 17 months

“Thanks so much.  Just to say even though my daughter wasn’t ready for the class at this point I thought the teacher was brilliant and led really well and encouraged the kids.  We will try again in a few months.  Thanks so much”.

23/12/15, mum of Giggly Wiggly student, aged 4

“Sierra looked forward to her classes every week.  Bonita has been fantastic and has been encouraging Sierra.  This is an easy class to get ready for as looks forward to it.  Sierra will be starting kindy next year and therefore we don’t think there will be time for her to attend the classes.  Thanks for bringing music and dance to Sierra”.

8/12/15, dad of Jake, aged 4

“The class has had a major impact on his confidence, socialisation and gross motor skills.  Miss Annalisa is a wonderful teacher and he will miss her…”.

3/12/15, mum of Roly Poly student, aged 2

Aedan loved the activity…I can remember his trial session, able to replicate all the movements shown by the teacher.  And so happy, laughing all through the session.  He made regular little friends through the activity.  Improved his body balance, understanding and respecting directions, improved his learning of the English language, and mainly had fun…His teacher Analiesa…did a great job with him and was such a nice teacher, that was part of Aedan’s enthusiasm for this activity’.

25/11/15, mum of Giggly Wiggly student, aged 3

“It was a very fun class! Ms Mim, the teacher, was very bubbly and helped my daughter to overcome her anxiety.  It is very unfortunate that we can’t join the class next year because we are moving overseas”.

24/11/15, mum of Roly Poly student, aged 2

“We loved the class with Kelsey.  I feel they are sooo much better than the ballet focused classes that are around”.

12/10/15, mum of Bea

“How lovely!  I can’t believe there are notes (kept in class on each student), it really is professionally run.  Miss Analiesa is a gem and Bea loves the class.  Visitors to the house, including the postman, are treated to a mash up version of the routine, and she insists she is going to be a ballerina for Halloween!  I might add it is also a highlight of the baby’s week as she tries to throw herself at the class from my hands!”

25/08/15, mum of Lulu

“We love Rhythm Factory! Lulu has so much fun in the classes, and she is always practising her dance skills at home, at the shops and even during her swimming lessons!  Lulu’s teacher, Miss Karen, is gold – she brings great energy and excitement into her classes and Lulu just adores her!”.

25/08/15, mum of Beatrix

“I just wanted to say that Beatrix is LOVING the class and really, Analiesa Kreutz is a very talented teacher.  She has such command of the room, not easy or common with a roomful of toddlers. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you very much.”

24/08/15, mum of Gwen

“Miss Brihony has been amazing (she really is!) and we have actually made some lovely friends in the class so hopefully we can come back again in the future.  It’s a great class so thank you for all your work with Gwen over the past 8 months”.

22/08/15, mum of Mia

“I am so sad Mia no longer wants to keep dancing.  I was surprised when she told me as I know she loves Miss Jodie and I think she is fabulous.  Please know that it is nothing to do with the class as I know she has enjoyed her time.  If she ever wants to return to dancing we will be back!”.

20/08/15, mum of Madison

“Madison really enjoyed classes and Miss Mims was fantastic!  Also great service was received from Rhythm Factory so thank you”.

19/05/15, Wiz, mum of Freya, aged 3

“We will certainly tell our friends and family about Rhythm Factory as we’ve really enjoyed the classes!”.

15/05/15, Elizabeth, mum of Adrian, aged 3

“Adrian always looked forward to going to his class, which we called “Dance Party”.  He loved his teacher, Analiesa, and throughout the class, I felt like he learned to better follow directions whilst having so much fun.  He enjoyed the pace of the class, and I hope we can join in the future, should his daycare schedule change”.

13/05/15, Angela, mum of Alexander, aged 4

“…I will also be highly recommending you and your program to anyone looking for a great activity for their child.  Again, Nicky, you are brilliant – the energy and enthusiasm you put into the classes each week is admirable.”

1/05/15, Linda, mum of Alexia, aged 3

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed her class today with Miss Claudia! She has only started this year and hasn’t really done a whole class till today and I think it came down to the teacher. I know she is only new also but she was fantastic and all the girls in the class were extremely happy also!”

11/12/14, Iva, mum of Naomi, aged 2

“Hi, just want to let you know that Naomi has truly enjoyed going to Rhythm Factory class.  She loves dancing, interacting with other kids in the class and she loves the instructors.  Ms Lana in particular has been a wonderful teacher.  She’s warm and enthusiastic and full of smiles.  Naomi will miss her very much.  As a parent, I’ve met some wonderful mums through Rhythm Factory too.  I would definitely recommend Rhythm Factory to other mums looking for some activities for their toddlers.”

11/12/14, Penny, mum of Kieran, aged 5

“Thank you.  We have loved the class and Miss Brittany has been fantastic.  It has been so lovely to see Keiran’s confidence grow and see how quickly he has mastered dances and just have fun.  I have recommended your classes to a few friends already.  Keiran will be sad not to be going.”

11/12/14, Svetlana, mum of Matthew, aged 3

“It was a really great experience which my kids loved.  I truly recommend it to anyone.”

11/12/14, Vanessa, mum of Poppy, aged 4

“It has been a real joy watching Miss Lana draw Poppy out of her shell and encouraging her to join in on all parts of the classes.  Lana is an outstanding teacher, so wonderful with the kids and Poppy is going to miss her greatly.”

9/12/14: Micaela, mum of Alice, aged 4

“I would just like to say that my daughter has just loved going to this class and that Miss Analiesa is a wonderful teacher.  Unfortunately I am returning to work in January and won’t be able to continue.  My daughter has done a few different classes over the years and this has been the best one.”

3/12/14: Helen, mum of Maria, aged 6

“My daughter has loved Rhythm Factory and has been going from the age of 2 to 6 years old.  It’s been such a special part of her childhood and it will always hold a happy memory for her to treasure.”

20/11/14: Jennifer, mum of Sophia, aged 3

“Miss Kelsy is a fantastic teacher who is so talented at dancing and working with small children, keeping them interested and being warm.  Sophia has loved her time dancing with her and making friends.”

18/11/14: Elena, mum of Sofia, aged 5

“The classes are fantastic and we really enjoyed our time there.”

16/11/14: Karen, mum of Charlotte, aged 5

“Rhythm Factory has been fantastic for Charlotte for the last 2 years, but she is going to school next year so it will be time to move on.  To Paula, the team and especially Miss Cassandra, thank you so much for all you have done for Charlotte.”

10/11/14: Mum of Sienna, aged 5

“Sienna will be starting school next year so unfortunately will not be coming to Rhythm Factory anymore.  She has absolutely loved her time there.  As a parent, I was looking for a class that was fun, yet still covered the basics of dancing and this has been just perfect for Sienna.  All of her teachers have been fantastic and really good with the children, especially Miss Meg and Miss Lana. Thank you!”

11/8/14: Linda, mum of Kira aged 3

“I would recommend Rhythm Factory to anyone. I have found that Rhythm Factory are very flexible and willing to accommodate changes to times/session and very pleasant to deal with.”

7/8/14: Sarah, mum of James aged 4

“James has enjoyed rhythm factory and has lots of fun in his classes, and it has been great for developing his coordination.”

5/8/14: Hailey, mum of Suzannah, aged 3

“My daughter Suzannah adores being in Miss Lana’s class and we have been really pleased with her kindness and professionalism”

30/7/14: Justine, mum of Charlotte, 1

The class is fantastic and Charlotte really loves it. The teacher Karen is fantastic!

5/6/14: Kim, mum of Vienne, aged 2

“From the first moment I contacted Rhythm Factory to enquire about the program I was impressed. The website (usually the first point of contact) is informative and easy to navigate and speaking with the office staff has always been a pleasure. And there isn’t a bad thing to say about Miss Kelsey. As a former dancer & dance teacher myself I’ve seen a range of teachers and I have to say Kelsey is absolutely outstanding. Her patience, kindness and energy with the children is inspiring and she is equally engaging with the parents as well. We are sad to be leaving (moving overseas) but I couldn’t have asked for a better person to instil a love of dance in my daughter than Kelsey.

I also think it’s brilliant that you adjust the monthly payments when there is a public holiday!! I’ve not come across many organisations that do that these days and with the cost of living (especially with kids) on the Northern Beaches every little bit saved helps.”

12/5/14: Fiona, mum of Grace and Bonnie

“We have had Miss Analisa as our teacher the last few weeks and think she is wonderful!  She has a great way with kids and whilst keeping the class very fun she has also been fantastic at keeping the kids on task and participating in the group.”

8/5/14: Sarah, mum of Emma

“Miss Stephanie who teaches the Rhodes classes is wonderful and I believe she runs them very professionally”

8/5/14: Lauren, mum of Sophie

“Constance is a wonderful teacher. She is very engaging with the children. What I love is how she always tried different things and how she really understands what the kids want. She is an asset to Rhythm Factory.”

23/4/14: Lillia, mum of Ivy

“My daughter loves the class. She can’t wait to go to the lesson and every time we pass the building, she shows and tells every one that this is the place she goes dancing. Thank you so much”

14/4/14: Alanie, mum of Amelia

“Thank you so much for teaching Amelia about dancing and expression through moving her body. She really enjoyed all the classes and will be saddened to not be attending anymore. I wish I could commit for a few more months but unfortunately work needs me for more hours due to maternity leave of another nurse, so we might be back next year when my hours go back to normal! Miss Kelsey was wonderful. Amelia cannot stop singing the “hello song”. Thanks again icon smile Testimonials

23/3/14: Riki, mum of Phoebe aged 4.

“Please thank Nicky for the wonderful classes. She is a fabulous teacher and Phoebe was really enjoying the classes. It is sad to stop. “

24/2/14: Elaine, mum of Caylie aged 4.

“I just want to let you know how absolutely excited myself and my daughter are after just 45 mins with Miss Kelsey last Friday. I am absolutely so impressed by the diversity and content of music and dance that Miss Kelsey offered. My daughter Caylie (4) was completely at ease from beginning to end and I as a mum of a very clingy daughter am delighted. Miss Kelsey has a wonderfull way with the kids … many. many thanks and see you Friday”

15/1/14: Fiona, mum of Evie aged 3.

“Evie did enjoy the class- highlight of the week I think! She really loves it!”

6/1/14: Krysty, mum of Isla and Sam,

“Please thank Miss Margherita for being wonderful! She really is a most delightful person.”

3/1/14: Josephine, mum of Milla aged 4.

“We absolutely love the classes. Miss Kelsey is amazing with the kids and much loved by milla. 
It’s proven a fantastic dance fix option for us.”

14/12/13: Emma, mum of Eloise aged 18months.

“I just wanted to add how wonderful the classes are, it is honestly Eloise’s favourite 30mins of the week. The reason I paid cash was because I thought I would stop coming when the new baby was born, but it felt too mean for Eloise to miss out, she loves it so much. Miss Margarita is so fantastic and enthusiastic she is absolutely wonderful. She is so kind with the children and so enthusiastic even when the children all just stare at her in amazement at the start of the classes before they start to join in. “

13/12/13: Ingrid, mum of Matilda aged 3.

“Thank you for the great memories that have been created. We have had a ball.”

11/12/13: Kylie, mum of Brodie aged 3.

“Brodie has had an absolute ball doing the classes and will miss them and Miss Karen. Miss Karen is a fantastic teacher and an asset to your business. Very sorry to stop but he starts kinder next year on days available.
Thank you.”

4/12/13: Suzy, mum of Lucinda aged 3.

“My daughter absolutely loved going to dance class! She often tallked about it when family or friends would ask her what she’d been up to, and during the week, often made reference to things she’d learned at dance class – “Just like at daning!”, “Just like Miss Rebecca!” She adored her dance teacher Miss Rebecca, who was so lovely and engaging with the children, and even took time to show interest in siblings that had come along to watch. The classes were fun, and used lots of props which was really great for younger children – my daughter was always interested in what was going on, and what came next! I was always surprised at how much Lucy managed to pick up, and to see her progress.

We really loved our time with the Rhythm Factory, and I know that what Lucy learned, and Miss Rebecca will not be forgotten for a long time to come!”

29/11/13: Rebecca, mum of Maegan aged 4.

“She has thoroughly enjoyed her time with Miss Rebecca – and I would highly recommend this program to anyone. I wish we had found it earlier in the year.”

29/11/13: Catherine, mum of Oscar aged 4.

“Oscar LOVES his dancing classes. Despite a number of teacher changes, each one has been superb and has related fantastically with the children. We will miss our weekly Rhythm Factory fix! It has been one of the highlight of my week.”

29/11/13: Melissa, mum of Isla aged 4.

“Leah is a fabulous teacher. You can tell she is mum too. She knows what’s going on. We would love to keep coming but next year it will clash with Kinder.”

29/11/13: Natalie, mum of Chloe aged 5.

“Thanks for a wonderful experience. Kelcy is a brilliant teacher with an infectious smiley personality. She is a very patient and loving teacher. My daughter has loved it so much.”

25/11/13: Audrey, mum of Pearl aged 5.

“We have really enjoyed the classes and miss margarita but we are moving overseas. I have already and will continue to recommend the dance school. It fills a missing place in the market of a fun relaxed class that does not exclude parents.

Miss margarita gives all her energy to every class and all the kids love her.”

25/11/13: Helen, mum of Joshua aged 5.

“Josh and I have enjoyed Leah’s classes. The pace ensures the child doesn’t get bored! The classes encompass a great range of dance styles. My son’s personal preference is hip hop…and he is quite creative in finding excuses to avoid the ballet! I like that the classes teach music, rhythm and creative use of imagination, rather than limiting the classes to learning dance steps only.Josh has also enjoyed the special environment of concert days too, dressing up as Batman to mark the occassion.

Leah was very warm, friendly and engaging. Her enthusiasm is contagious!”

21/11/13: Mandy, mum of Louisa aged 4.

” I can’t explain how much Louisa has enjoyed her lessons. I wish I had found you so much earlier! Thank you again for such a great programme!!!”

20/11/13: Tracey, mum of Tegan aged 5.

“I would just like to thank her teacher, Kelsey, for the wonderful way she made Tegan feel welcome and comfortable in each lesson, she is a credit to your team.”

19/11/13: Claire, mum of Jade.

“Miss Karen gave Jade such a lovely warm welcome that made jade feel right at home with the new group in the new location.  Miss Karen was as fantastic as usual, Jade had an absolute ball.”

17/11/13: Sarah, mum of Charli.

“We have had a ball and strongly recommend rhythm factory to any asking and you know what it’s about the joy you pass on to the kids  – thank you”

15/11/13: Danielle, mum of Mia.

“I just want you to know Mia loves her classes and wakes up every morning hoping its dancing today. Your teachers are always lovely and full of energy and smiles . I am very impressed .”

25/10/12:Maria, mum of Charli aged 4.

“Meg is very outgoing and easily able to engage the children. Although today’s class was small, it still had a great vibe because of her energy. She kept the children focused for the whole class and really paid attention to developing their techniques. You could feel the energy in the room. The class had unity and cohesiveness.”

This child had been enrolled at Rhythm Factory before but they left to take a break. Today, they were looking for something to do this morning and thought that they had nothing else on so might as well pop in as a casual. They had no intention of it being anything more than that. However, because the mum was so impressive with the class and the child had so much fun, they have signed up again!!

22/10/12: Tracey, mum of Jasmine, 3

“Stephanie is great. She doesn’t let one distracted child stop the flow of the class. She is very good at keeping everything moving. The program is just perfect. Not strict and boring like ballet. I believe the program and therefore the classes are well designed because children of this age are not ready for other kinds of classes.”

19/10/12: Faye, mum of Isabel, 2.

“My dad attends the classes with my daughter and he has talked about them constantly since he started bringing her! They are both so excited! My dad was so impressed with the class and the teacher.”

19/10/12: Veronica, mum of Jenny, 4.

“My daughter has talked about dancing all week. Rachel is so lovely with the girls. This is such a sweet activity.”

19/10/12: Matthew, Dad of Sophie, 3.

“Kelcy is really good. We have really enjoyed having her.”

12/10/12: Julie, mum of Lucy, 2.

“The teacher is beautiful. Myself and my friend had tears in our eyes. It was amazing to see the girls really enjoying themselves! It really made our girls happy!”

10/10/12: Cathy, mum of Henry, 3.

“Anna is a really good teacher and an excellent instructor.”

25/9/12: Rebecca, mum of Pheobe, aged 2.

“I don’t know how Karen does it! She is so patient and the classes are amazing! “

25/9/12: Diane, mum of Isabella, aged 2.

“The program must be designed by someone very clever and creative. I think that is wonderful. You guys are doing a fabulous job: keep doing exactly what you are doing. It is wonderful!”

18/9/12: Rachel, mum of William aged 2.

“Merryn is fantastic at her job! The kids are in awe of her!”

4/9/12: Lisa, mum of James aged 2.

“My son is in love with Merryn! We are really happy with your classes.”

4/9/12: Isla, mum of Beth aged 3.

“My daughter asks very often if it the day to go to dancing and is always ready to leave early on days when it is the right day. Rachel is wonderful. My daughter loves her.”

4/9/12: Mary, mum of Alana, 4.

“I love the fact that parents are allowed in the room. It creates a great atmosphere. I believe that it is very encouraging for the children.”

3/9/12: David, Dad of Zoe, 2.

“Kelcy walks a fine line between keeping order and making the class fun. She is very patient with the kids.”

20/8/12: Claire, mum of Lucy, 3.

“Rachel is a lovely person and her kind nature endears her to the children. She works really nicely with the children. Rhythm Factory is my daughter’s favourite activity because, in my daughter’s words, ‘Miss Rachel is so beautiful’.”

16/8/12: Rita, grandmother of Isabel, 5.

“I am particularly impressed with the regularity that Merryn uses all the kids names. I don’t know how she keeps all the children focused as well as she does!”

9/8/12: Kelly, mum of Victoria, 3.

“Kristie’s classes are fabulous! My daughter is having so much fun. Kristie is able to get my daughter to follow instructions really well, like no one else can! I don’t know how she does it! She’s amazing! I myself am having so much fun at Rhythm Factory because Kristie is the teacher!”

26/6/12: Zoe, mum of Jade, 2.

“Laura is really really lovely. She is very patient, even with difficult children.”

21/6/12: Louis, mum of Ava, 3.

“Merryn has been a wonderful teacher. She is an absolute joy and we have loved being in her class.”

24/5/12: Christina, mum of Chloe, 3.

“Kelcy is great at making the kids happy and getting everyone involved.”

24/5/12: Becca, mum of Jessica, 5.

“Miss Stephanie is phenomenal! We love her!”

21/5/12: Nicky, mum of Daniel, 2.

“Rachel is lovely, really lovely and she makes the class really fun!”

21/5/12: Linda, mum of Georgia, 2.

“I am in love with the program and Kelcy is lovely.”

21/5/12: Mary, mum of Ella, 4.

“Kelcy is wonderful. She is a lovely girl.”

16/5/12: Brooke, mum of Sebastian, 2.

“I came to Rhythm factory with my eldest. Steph is as fresh and entertaining as she was all those years ago. It is very easy to become tired when you are doing the same jobs for a while and especially working with children. I am very pleased to see Steph again and even more pleased that this tiredness had not happened to her!”

16/5/12: Gina, grandmother of Ruby, 3.

“Laura is absolutely fabulous. She makes Rhythm Factory an absolute delight!!”