Super Shakers

super shakers Super Shakers boy dancing Super Shakers

4 years – 6 years

Course Overview

In a relaxed and encouraging environment, students take their technique to the next level, learning technical dance terms within Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop, whilst exploring their own style and creativity.  Memory recall and personal expression become very important.  A jam packed program for those looking for a solid foundation for the future. 40 minutes duration.

Current Program

Our 4-6 years age group steps up the technical element, building upon the basic dance genres of Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop.  Whilst we still give the students the freedom to embrace their own creativity and expression of individuality, we also build on the basic foundations of dance and movement.  Memory recall is a strong element in the Super Shakers and our current playlist includes popular tracks from Disney’s Frozen, Demi Lovato, The Muppets and High School Musical.

Family and Friends Day

Family and friends are always welcome to watch our classes. However, as we come to the end of each program, we love our students to extend a special invitation to family members and special friends to join us for the final class. This gives us an opportunity to showcase our new moves and routines.


1. Balance and Posture

Students are now challenged to hold their posture throughout all exercises. As well as tall backs and “Geoffrey Giraffe” necks students are taught to lower and open the shoulders further adding to their technique. Students will use this posture to assist with difficult moves such as pirouettes, chene’ turns and arabesques.

2. Ballet Feet Placement

Students are taught jazz and ballet positions of the feet including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions. Students are coached to be aware of the position of their feet at all times, and extending their point as far as possible during all exercises. Our furry friend BB now helps dancers to turn the feet out and to flex and point feet as far as they can without moving the rest of their legs/ankles.

3. Coping With Directional Change

Students are taught how to change direction during a step or dance which in turn teaches them to remember steps independently so that they can still perform the step when teacher is out of their sight. It also challenges the placement of weight and their balance.

4. Partner Work

Students perform steps and dances with a a partner teaching them to use their peripheral vision and work together to stay at the same pace and perform the moves to a similar level. Students will also practice some basic partner dancing where they can enjoy holding hands with a friend.

5. Co-Ordination Of Arm Movements/Follow With Eyes

Students are now challenged to perform arm movements at the same time as moving their legs. The difficulty of the arm movements increases to include moving one arm at a time and each arm doing different things at the same time. As a training tool for technique, students are taught to follow their hands with their eyes to give their dancing style.

6. Facial Expressions

Students continue to apply basic facial expressions to their dances and many more advanced facial expressions such as attitude faces for hip hop dancing and character faces during imagination time. Students are also encouraged to practice their stage faces e.g. high energy smiles for jazz and more peaceful faces for ballet.

7. Tidy Execution

Students are encouraged and challenged by the teachers to try to apply all aspects of technique to each step. There is often more than one thing to think about at one time so this is a gradual process throughout the term strengthening the muscle memory to do a lot of the work for them in the future.

8. Solo Work

Students are encouraged throughout the term to sing and dance on their own. Students will perform a longer dance sequence on their own on concert day and will perform an improvised solo that suits the music and has a definite finish such as a pose or curtsey. Students will be challenged to apply their facial expressions and technique learned throughout the term to their solo.

9. Memory Recall

Memory recall becomes very important in this age group. Students are encouraged to remember as many aspects of the class as they can with teacher’s constantly asking what comes next, what do we need to remember for this step, where should we place our foot etc. Students will be asked to remember the name and how to perform the move of the week and will learn to perform a significant amount of the concert dance completely unassisted.

10. Stage Performance / Confidence

Students will be challenged to apply all the technique they have learned throughout the term to perform their best on concert day. Students are also encouraged to always be themselves and show their favourite moves throughout the term, building their confidence to a high level for concert day.

Current Program

This term students will learn a brand new Hip Hop routine, which they will perform totally unassisted at our concert class! Some other exciting additions include our classic Music of The World exercise where students learn the Haka amongst other traditional dances from around the world and music from the motion picture Wreck it Ralph! Other music selections include songs from The Gruffalo, Michael Jackson and The Fresh Beat Band to name a few.