Rhythm Factory introduces UNLIMITED DANCE TIME in 2016!

Rhythm Factory now offers UNLIMITED DANCE TIME, giving students the opportunity to attend as many of our classes as they’d like, every week*. For a standard fee of $75 every 4 weeks, students attend one or all of our classes offered across Sydney and Melbourne. 

Please see below for further details.  Classes must be age appropriate.



Rhythm Factory offers two Attendance Options:

1.       Unlimited Dance Time (replacing Rhythm Factory’s previous Regular Attendance Membership option*) @ $75 every 4 weeks

2.       Casual Attendance @ $20 per class



Rhythm Factory also offers a discounted introductory price for brand new members:

First 4 Weeks for $40, when brand new students take up Unlimited Dance Time.



Only brand new students qualify for Rhythm Factory’s discounted introductory offer, where the student’s first 4 consecutive weeks will cost $40, when they sign up for Unlimited Dance Time Membership.  These classes are to be taken over a consecutive 4 week period.  A student who has already done a Casual class does not qualify for this offer.

After this initial 4 consecutive week period, students will be automatically transferred to Rhythm Factory’s Unlimited Dance Time Membership and a regular 4 week payment cycle will continue on an ongoing basis.  This will automatically begin at the end of the scheduled 4th week.  Therefore, by taking up this offer, students are signing up for Unlimited Dance Time, the 4 classes are not a trial.

The first payment after the discounted introductory offer ends, will be for the amount of $75, which serves as pre-payment for the coming 4 weeks. This amount will be adjusted for any company closures occurring in the upcoming 4 week period.

Future payments will continue automatically on a 4-week rolling cycle, until a cancellation is received in writing. A standard 4 week notice period is required for cancellations.  Rhythm Factory’s Standard Terms & Conditions apply.

This offer is available via credit card or direct debit arrangement only, cash is not accepted.



Unlimited Dance Time is our standard attendance option for all students.  It costs $75 every 4 weeks and allows students to attend as many Rhythm Factory classes as they like.

Students are required to give 4 weeks notice to cancel and payment is via direct debit.  Classes must be age appropriate.


  • Attend any (age appropriate) class at any of our venues
  • Attend one or more classes per week, there’s no limit – it’s up to you!
  • No need to reserve a spot, just turn up
  • No minimum commitment period – only 4 weeks notice for membership cancellation
  • Home Classes ensure your child has a regular, weekly dance routine (a Home Class is the nominated class you intend to attend regularly every week)

To sign up for Unlimited Dance Time, please visit http://rhythmfactory.com.au/locations-times/



We understand that some parents are unable to commit to Unlimited Dance Time due to work commitments, shared custody and life’s juggle, and for these students we offer casual classes, at a cost of $20 per class.

Casual Attendance is paid with exact money prior to class commencing.  No change will be issued or credit applied to future classes.  Teachers do not carry a cash float in class, due to security concerns.

Casual students are required to complete a Casual Participation Form prior to each class.  They will no longer be eligible for Rhythm Factory’s Discounted Introductory Offer of ‘First 4 Weeks for $40, when brand new students take up Unlimited Dance Time’.



If your work or family situation makes the above options unsuitable, please call us on 1300 468 858 as we may be able to offer an alternative option.

We will continue to do our best for all families including those:

  • In financial distress
  • Separated parents with care of children rotating one week on and one week off, making regular activities difficult
  • Pending pregnancies and the uncertainty around the arrival of a sibling.

We really do care and would like to work something out for those families in unique situations.


*All of our 2015 current members have been automatically rolled over to Unlimited Dance Time.  There will be a 3 month promotional period from 1st February – 1st April 2016 when these students will pay their existing payment structure every 4 weeks.  After this time the standard $75 fee will apply.

*class must be age appropriate